Saturday, June 14, 2008


I always seem to have a multitude of "activities" going on for myself, and this summer is no exception. Since finishing grad school about a month ago I have been working on getting some of my comic book research published.

I am currently writing an article that I am going to submit for a journal about sports comic books namely comics from DC's Strange Sports Stories. I am also writing a review for the Journal of Popular Culture on Michelle Nolan's book, Love on the Racks. I just started reading the book, but it is really enjoyable so far. Once I am farther in I will update on that.

This summer though won't be all work and no play though. Next week I am leaving for Chicago to attend two conventions. You can find me at...

  • BrickWorld -- June 19th through 22nd ( Yup, a LEGO convention. Dorky, I know. :)
  • Wizard World Chicago -- June 26th through 29th (
I am very excited for both! If you are going to be at Wizard World come see me at the UrbanSequence table in Artist's Alley!

More updates to come!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Welcome to My Blog: AKA "I Will Never Have A Blog."

I always told myself (and others willing to listen) that I would never have a blog. I didn't really have a reason why I didn't want one, other than the fact that lots of people had blogs and my reluctance to hop aboard new technology. Yesterday though, as I sat reading and drinking coffee, I realized that I have a lot to say and what better environment to say it in than my very own blog? I also like taking on more and more projects when I am already overloaded with things to do!

So, in short, that is how this blog came to be. I plan to update as often as I can about comic books (most likely ollllllllddddddd ones), music, movies and anything and everything that strikes my fancy concerning history and popular culture. Enjoy!!!

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