Saturday, June 14, 2008


I always seem to have a multitude of "activities" going on for myself, and this summer is no exception. Since finishing grad school about a month ago I have been working on getting some of my comic book research published.

I am currently writing an article that I am going to submit for a journal about sports comic books namely comics from DC's Strange Sports Stories. I am also writing a review for the Journal of Popular Culture on Michelle Nolan's book, Love on the Racks. I just started reading the book, but it is really enjoyable so far. Once I am farther in I will update on that.

This summer though won't be all work and no play though. Next week I am leaving for Chicago to attend two conventions. You can find me at...

  • BrickWorld -- June 19th through 22nd ( Yup, a LEGO convention. Dorky, I know. :)
  • Wizard World Chicago -- June 26th through 29th (
I am very excited for both! If you are going to be at Wizard World come see me at the UrbanSequence table in Artist's Alley!

More updates to come!

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